Choose the Best Lights for Commercial Cannabis Growing

One of the elements necessary got the growth of cannabis is sunlight. Light is important for the growth of all plants for the purpose of photosynthesis. In cannabis, light is also important for the production of buds.

When a plant is grown outdoors, you can harness the effect of the sun on the plant. However, when it is grown indoors, you need to make sure the right proportion of sunlight reaches it. This is usually achieved by using grow lights in the indoor space.

With plant grower lights, you can control the daily amount of sunlight the plant gets. Also, you do not need to worry about weather conditions, as the grow light would produce constant light for your plants with or without the natural sun.

Some of the types of LED grow lights for indoor plants include;

  • (High-Intensity Discharge) HID lights
  • Metal Halide (MH)
  • High-pressure sodium (HPS)
  • LED

Why LED Is The Best Grow Light for indoor plants?

There are several indoor grow lights that can be used for cannabis planting. However, most farmers prefer to use LED. Research shows that LED is the most preferred lighting method among farmers in North America. Here are some benefits of LED Cannabis Grow Light;

  • Energy-saving: With LED, you can save anywhere from 50-70% of energy. They conserve energy and are also able to keep the constant intensity of the light. The light does not fade with time.
  • Full-spectrum: LEDs have a full spectrum that can compare with the radiation spectrum of natural sunlight. This is one of its selling points.
  • Reduced heat emission: LEDs produce the least amount of heat of all grow lights. They produce enough light intensity while reducing heat emission.
  • Durability: One of the key benefits of LED plant lights is durability. Most LEDs have a life span of 3-4 years when properly maintained. You can get almost 50,000 hours of light.
  • Environmental friendly: LEDs do not contain mercury or any other harmful gas that can affect the growth of the cannabis plant. They are recyclable and very safe.
  • Better plant quality: With the absence of UV rays, the quality of cannabis is higher.
  • Low maintenance: Besides being easy to install, LEDs have very low maintenance. After installing, you can focus on the growth of the plant. All the regular issues in traditional are absent. So, you can save more money.

ROI For The Best Commercial LED Grow Lights

A big step from growing cannabis at home, commercial LED grow lights gain popularity, growers are considering if they are a good investment with profitable ROI. The ROI can be calculated by dividing the sum of benefits by the sum of costs. Here are some ways that plant grower lights can yield you more profits;

  • More growth means more profit: Increased lighting will ramp up the photosynthesis process, thereby leading to an increase in plant growth and profit for the farmer.
  • Less disease, more profit: UV lights have been proven to improve several parameters in plants like nutrients, photosynthesis, and disease resistance. With this, a lot of losses due to lack of nutrients and the presence of plant diseases will be prevented. This will cause a larger harvest and a higher ROI.
  • Improved plant quality: Grow lights have been shown to improve the nutritional contents of plants as well as flavor, color and fragrance. This will produce healthier plants, eventually bringing in a higher return on investment (ROI).

With the right grow light, you can maximize your profits and increase your return on investment for cannabis growing.

The Right Indoor Grow Light Spectrum For Commercial Growth

As the idea of indoor planting gets more popular, manufacturers of grow lights are trying to put in unique features to distinguish their products. There is a need for specific metrics to help people measure the performance of LED grow lights before purchasing them.

  • Red light: This encourages flower growth.
  • Blue light: This increases the oil and resin concentration.
  • UVB light: Produces trichomes that improve the potency, flavour, and fragrance of the plant.

A proportional blend of all these colors in the right amount will give you a good quality of cannabis.

LED plant lighting in commercial applications is designed to lighten a work environment in a way that the human eyes can see. This implies that the important light spectrum is the one that can be seen with the human eye.

Light spectrums talk about the distribution of red, blue, and UVB lights. Each color has a specific function on the plant. Spectrums are measured in Lumens.

PAR (photosynthetic active radiation) is the spectral range of sunlight that plants use in photosynthesis is 400- 700 nm.

The PAR is an important metric when trying to buy an LED lighting for your indoor growing. When measuring the PAR, you need to measure;

  • The amount of PAR produced by the LED
  • The amount of PAR that actually reached the plant.

For the commercial growth of cannabis, the light spectrum differs. Cannabis responds very well to wavelengths outside the PAR range.

That said, it is important to strike a balance in the light spectrum for the growth of commercial cannabis. An increase in the blue, red, and far-red lights can evoke the growth of certain desirable characteristics like a higher level of terpenes and cannabinoids. Therefore, full-spectrum LED lighting is a great choice for indoor cannabis growing.

What To Consider

There are many brands trying to come into the LED marketplace in recent times. Here are some factors you must consider before you buy an LED grow light;

  • Brand reputation: To avoid buying inferior products, check to see that your chosen brand has a standing reputation in this line of business.
  • Metrics: Confirm the important metrics like the PAR of the light.
  • Quality products
  • Warranty and return policy

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