every watt counts

WattGrower, a PacLights brand for horticulture, provides professional and commercial cannabis cultivators with the horticulture cannabis LED grow light solutions they need to set themselves apart in an increasingly competitive, diverse, and flourishing market. Here at WattGrower, we specialize in efficiency and spectrum, to make every watt counts.

Trusted efficiency

Founded in 2011, PacLights has a vibrantly growing infrastructure of LED lighting manufacturing facilities, and engineering capabilities that ensure great product design and quality. PacLights’ commercial and industrial LED lighting products have been trusted by fortune 500 companies, major U.S. cities and U.S. military, for its efficiency and quality.

Tested spectrum

By applying the latest research in photobiology and evidence-based design to lighting products and services, WattGrower ensures growers not only have the right LED light fixture for their environment, but also the right spectrum to achieve the targeted crop quality and yield.

Professional Line

Designed for the precision and scalability of professional cultivation.

Commercial Line

Designed to optimize the return on lighting investment.