What are the Advantages of Using Cannabis Grow Lights?

Advantages of Using Cannabis Grow Lights

Although LED lights are renowned for being energy-efficient, there are many more advantages to utilizing LEDs for indoor gardening. Heat, a serious concern, can significantly impact the health and growth of cannabis plants. This makes a thorough cooling/exhaust system essential for an indoor grow to succeed when utilizing non-LED grow lights. The LED panels are frequently equipped with inbuilt heatsinks and fans, and LEDs operate substantially cooler than traditional grow lights.

Because LEDs don’t emit much heat, cultivators can frequently avoid using a complex exhaust system, depending on the grow. This aids in lowering the initial expense of erecting a garden tent or indoors. 

Top-performing LED grow lights can operate continuously for between 50,000 and well over 100,000 hours. Between growing seasons, you won’t have to bother changing the bulbs, saving you money and time.

Yield is one area where LEDs fall short of their HPS grow light rivals. However, Cannabis lighting is the best choice for quality, power, and aesthetics. Full-spectrum LEDs grow more colorful cannabis plants, delivering richer colors and highlighting the variety of in-plant natural hues.

Top cannabis growers frequently combine HPS and LED lights to achieve the best of both worlds. 

Cannabis LED Wattage Requirements

To more appropriately describe the coverage of HID/HPS and MH grow lights, wattage is actually a dated term. The PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density) and DLI (daily light integral) are the optimal metrics to use to measure coverage area and power output; however, they are nevertheless employed for LEDs for simplicity’s sake.

Use no less than 32 watts per square foot of growing space as a general rule. When using LED grow lights, it’s recommended to utilize between 50 and 80 watts per square foot, if at all possible. A 2 by 2 grow space, for instance, would need at least 128 watts, while a 5 by 5 grow area would need at least 800 watts.

The Best Results Are Provided by Full Spectrum LEDs

Plants have been exploiting the sun’s power to develop for millions of years, adapting to grow the most effectively and efficiently when exposed to the whole range of the sun’s light spectrum. This light spectrum is closely resembled LED grow lights.

Because they provide a wide and balanced light spectrum, full-spectrum LEDs are excellent indoor grow lights. The spectrum provided to cannabis plants by conventional grow lights is typically inadequate or uneven, peaking in some color spectrums while falling short in others. The built-in switch included in many high-end models makes switching between the vegetative and flowering growth cycles simple.

The Decision Is Simple

Equipping your indoor grow space with the appropriate grow lights doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing. LEDs are the closest thing to “plug and play” that is currently available, making it quite easy to start growing marijuana indoors. Although they initially cost a little more, the decision may be worthwhile when you take into account the longevity, quality, and ease.

Now that you know the benefits and why you should purchase a grow light for your plant, we recommend you to visit us and have a look at our products today!